Milan Design Week 2019

"SkinCities" by Frank&Frank

Frank & Frank wants to present the project in Milan for the first time.
"SkinCities" as an important opportunity to reflect on how design can contribute to understanding our time.

The exhibition will take place in Milan, during the Fuorisalone 9 -14 April 2019 week at:
- Fabbrica del Vapore, Fattoria 10 hours 10-20 Saturday 10-24
- Brera Garibaldi 89/91 times 10-20

In the SkinCities project, Frank & Frank propose a bold reflection representing the maps of places next to others whose beauties have been forgotten. The map of Milan next to that of Aleppo, that of New York next to that of the Israeli / Palestinian cities of Hable and Matan, Venice next to the ancient capital of Afghanistan Kandahar, Tokyo to Tjuana.

SkinCities reinterprets the rules of cartography by re-reading the urban fabric; like the maps of ancient explorers they tell our culture and our history, like a sort of nerve cells that grow over time.
Cultures, labyrinths and different spaces where the "skin color" on which they are lasered, become just a pleasant opportunity.

The map also has the power to expose cities from any prejudice, thanks to its neutrality it restores dignity to their inhabitants and brings back the history and the dynamics that unite them, living testimony of what we have been, we are and we will be.

The skins used have very different origins, sometimes chosen for some "imperfections" thus enhancing the beauty of diversity, in respect of the life they were, exactly like the places they represent.

The project wants to give dignity and consideration also to the animals that have shared their existence with man.
For example, the Asian camel skin, with which the map of Kandahar was made, still shows signs of insect bites during desert crossings.

Engraving something on the skin is an indelible act of awareness.
On the skin that bears the city of Aleppo we are faced with a vision that, if at first glance may seem only aesthetic, invites us to a consideration:
these are places that belong to an important past and present of which they bear the same signs and memory: the east, the cradle of civilization, conflicts ...

Hable and Matan, perhaps the most explicit example visually, are two cities so close but so different that they are almost unicum, not for the border between Isralele and Palestina that divides them, cutting them violently in half with a wall.
Yet their beauty is in their symbiosis, in their desperate diversity.

Can the fascinating traces that every culture has left on the planet cause us to break down, today, the distance between us and others?



The project wants to restore equal dignity to the places of the Earth, side by side in a provocative way, through the laser city maps on the skin, the places where we live with the dreamed, hated or forgotten places of the world; each in his precious and desperate diversity.





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