Paratissima 2019

"Le città invisibili" by Frank&Frank

The invisible cities, freely inspired by Italo Calvino's masterpiece, are also cities and places of narration where leather and the laser cut create unique and fascinating objects.

The INVISIBLE cities are those that no longer exist and are replaced by an artistic gesture that recalls their presence, the Cretto di Burri in Gibellina Vecchia; they are the transient and complex cities whose life lasts just over two weeks, Black Rock City - Burning Man, a city in the Nevada desert and are also the ones we don't want to see as Daab, Kenya where more than 350,000 people fleeing war and famine organize a complex city.

Cities have always been a surface of writing, place and not place of our existence.

The artistic gesture of telling them describes the beauty and complexity of what surrounds us to understand the tensions of our time.


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