The Sign of Water - 3DMaps Biennale arte JW Marriott Venice

Venice - St. Petersburg - Manhattan NYC

Tribute to Iosif Brodskij
Nobel Prize for Literature 1987
(St. Petersburg 1940 - New York 1996)

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On the occasion of the events related to the 2022 Venice Biennale, Frank & Frank created an installation on the Isle of Roses at the JW Marriott Venice Resort & SPA.
Through the leather maps of Venice, St. Petersburg and Manhattan - New York, a cartographic and emotional story takes shape on the element of water: primordial material that characterizes the cartography of these 3 cities and which represented the human and literary journey of one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century Nobel Prize for Literature: Iosif Brodskij.
A powerful reflection on the fragility of art told through the maps of two cities of canals linked by an ancient and indissoluble relationship with art and united by environmental challenges linked to climate change: Venice of labyrinthine and fragile beauty and St. Petersburg built by Pietro II the Great on the Baltic marshes. A journey between cities that coexist with water and where (as Brodskij, Russian but New Yorker by adoption, wrote) we can experience the contact between earth and sky, ".... the perfect fusion between water and time" .
"The Sign of Water" is the title of the translation in Eastern countries of his famous book on Venice "Fondamenta degli incurabili".
Inspired by this title, the works of Frank & Frank will guide you through the interplay of shapes that water and time have created in these cities and the "inanimate" beauty of the cartography of places that only we can take care of, witnesses of climate change and economic that we will have to face.


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