Give yourself to a work Italian Art Design by Frank&Frank

Frank&Frank design and create city maps on colored and vegetable tanned leathers, drawing manually and then laser technology to cut and engrave them, obtaining maps of particular aesthetic beauty.

Travel maps of Venice are a design object to give as gifts available at the Marco Polo Airport in Venice.

Take your Venice map home, a unique emotion like this city in the world.

Frank & Frank is a product between art and design, created by Italian craftsmanship and creativity. The leathers we use are tanned in barrels and colored with vegetable tannins, therefore one different from the other, which makes each piece unique.
In Venice on the occasion of the Biennale Arte 2022 Frank&Frank exhibit the project "Il Segno dell'Acqua" at the JW Marriott resort & Spa Isola delle Rose.
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Among the most famous cities you can choose the map of Venice, Rome, Milan, Genoa, Paris, Amsterdam, Manhattan NY, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Moscow and many others also on request, write us here to make your city you love.

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