The Frank&Frank project is about telling the emotion of the vision of the world through the passion for designing unique and tailor-made leather city maps for any kind of setting: home, office, hotel etc.

Marcella Molinini and Roberto De Gregorio believe in the charm of cartography and cultivating this mission starting from their multi-year of experience and skill in the field of fashion and visual design.

Always curious and passionate reinterpreting the city maps like urban creatures, geometries,colours, mazes,cultures and spaces as carriers of emotions, opening new perspectives about the places we live in.

City maps laser engraved on leather; the city seen as a geometric artwork where daily life and art meet, making each numbered piece, unique and unrepeatable.

The leathers, engraved on by using laser technologies, come from all over the world and are not part of the typical industrial circuit of leather goods: that would be far from their, in terms of philosophy and sensitivity. 

With this unique interior design project, they are daily driven by curiosity passion and desire to give character and beauty to the settings in which we live in.

Their showroom is in the heart of Roman Turin and the brand name is inspired by a dream movie by one of the most famous Finnish directors.

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