Kandahar | H 105 - W 204 | Unique Piece


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Kandahar leather map is a unique piece P_KDH_L_001, accompanied by a certificate of originality and guarantee.

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Color: grey
Leather: Asian camel
Height: 105 cm - 41,3 in
Width: 204 cm - 80,3 in
Thickness: 1,2 mm - 0,05
Weight: 3,5 kg


Ancient capital of Afghanistan founded by Alessandro Magno. How can you resist the idea of ​​making this map on an Asian camel leather? This place represent the meeting of different cultures, languages ​​and civilizations during the time. Its name reminds us of caravan routes and landscapes as far as the eye can see.

Wall application with nails by the customer. You can get all the information with the leather map.

The power of magnetic hanging

Thanks to the magnets, the maps seem suspended, a natural and invisible magnetic force, able to transmit energy to another natural element.

Hanging our maps is very easy in just a few steps. The leather map has a hidden metal frame behind it, which adheres thanks to the presence of magnets on the leather.
It hangs with one or two simple nails on the wall, like a painting.



This map is unique and unrepeatable, is about telling the emotion of the vision of the world with a powerful reflection on the beauty of cartography. The map is a writing territory full of pathos and surprises.

City map enter into relation with the leather, is a reduction process of the map from the image to an almost abstract structure, an artistic way of interpretating a certain place, made up of essential lines and balances.

The leather used is unique and chosen to create this city, it has a unique guarantee and code.

We use the company DHL for shipments all over the world.

The packaging of the leather maps is a custom cardboard tube or the frames in custom boxes.

Please notify via email for specific requests on shipping related to pakaging or shipping location.

Advise if there is a concierge who collects the shipment or if it is sent to an office.


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