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All our maps are unique pieces, it’s the result of a precise production and creativity path that combines the Italian leather tradition with new satellite and laser technologies.

The chain production is defined and based by an internal specification resulting from Frank&Frank's experience in the mutual fields of fashion design and visual design. All phases are personally monitored down to the smallest details to obtain a high quality final result.

The production process begins with the choice of vegetable tanned leather suitable for creating the map in terms of colour, surface and thickness. This material is the result of a centuries-old traditional process thanks to which no leather is the same as another. Given the unique characteristic of this precious material, each creation represents a product in itself, not repeatable.

Vegetable tanned leather has its scent as its characteristics, as well as its natural color and particular veins and marks that characterize it. This uniqueness makes it itself a valuable element.

This material has the characteristic of barrel tanning. Produced only in a specific area of Tuscany, the leather, after cleaning with salt, is immersed in large barrels and colored with vegetal tannins from plants and flowers and the color is absorbed into the leather even at 'internal.

Based on the characteristics of the place represented or specific requests we receive, there may be variations in the processing phases that we manage based on our experience.

Frank&Frank's maps are the result of a creative process of reducing the real city to a complex artistic element always respecting the urban structure, thanks to which it is possible to represent the city in its purest form.

Satellite platforms are used as an initial phase to define a first draft of the urban structure which will subsequently be processed and interpreted in order to create a rendering before the actual construction phase.

The next phase is the execution of the city in every detail which culminates in its final phase with the creation of an overall vector file suitable for laser cutting and engraving.

We always guarantee particular care even in this phase where personal sensitivity in designing urban shapes and geometries represents our main characteristic thanks to which we are appreciated. The result is a geometric work where daily life and art meet.

We are always attentive and interested in market trends, participation in art and design events and fairs in Italy and abroad represent a comparison with the world of design and are a stimulus for the evolution of our products.

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