How to show the City and leather in its purest form

The leathers, engraved on by using laser technologies, come from all over the world and are not part of the typical industrial circuit of leather goods: that would be far from us, in terms of philosophy and sensitivity.
What we carry out on leathers is a sort of "palingenesis", a regeneration, without intervening neither on the colour nor on the shape, in respect of the life they have represented.
The leathers proudly show the action that time generates on their surfaces, a sort of spontaneous ornament, representing the true charm of our project: the beauty of imperfection.

Our design process is characterized by a deep mix between manual artistic creation and technological innovation.
Drawing cities is an artistic process of reduction from the real city image to an almost abstract structure: the result is a geometric mosaic where daily life and art meet.
Subsequently the skin is going to be laser-cut to extract its shapes and manually cleaned to eliminate all imperfections. It is like to remove, to then create.
Putting the geographic coordinates is the last step of a very long process.

Cities have always been a surface of writing, a place and a non-place in our existence. For this reason, we like imagining the union of these two different organic elements: the leather and the city. As William Shakespeare wrote: "What are the cities, if not people?"