Each piece is limited edition, is about telling the emotion of the vision of the world with a powerful reflection on the beauty of cartography. The maps of the cities we live in are a writing territory actually full of pathos and surprises.

The leather skin is the substrate which they are engraved on by using laser technologies. The leathers we select from all over the world are not part of the typical industrial circuit of leather goods: that would be far from us, in terms of philosophy and sensitivity.

Leather skin, an artistic support, a surface with a highly symbolic value full of experience, explaining its past thanks to an intervention that rediscovers and enhances the signs left by time.

These products can sometimes present non-uniformity of color or material, "irregularities" that represent the real charm of this project. All our leathers have a history and are carefully recovered from every part of the world, always different, each with its own storyline to tell, each with its own beauty to show off.